Low Carb Blueberry Muffins

If you are looking for a blueberry muffin recipe that is not full of sugar and is low in carbohydrates, your search is officially over!

These keto and paleo-friendly muffins are only 112 calories each and contain just 1 gram of sugar per muffin! Not to mention they are very easy to make, which is perfect for all ages and baking levels, and take only 10 minutes to prepare. To save even more time, make a bigger batch and freeze the rest. They can last up to 3 months in the freezer.

For bonus points, I recommend using these silicone baking cups from Amazon. They are washable, reusable, and won’t contribute to landfill waste like the traditional foil and paper muffin liners. Not to mention they come in cute colors. Together, let’s save the planet!

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 20-25 minutes
Total Time: 30-35 minutes
Yields: 12 muffins

2 1/2 cups of Almond Flour
1/2 cup Splenda
1.5 tsp Gluten-free baking powder
1/4 tsp Sea salt
1/3 cup Coconut oil (measured solid, then melted; can also use butter)
1/3 cup Plain, unsweetened almond milk
3 Large eggs
1/2 tsp Vanilla extract
3/4 cup Blueberries

1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.
2. Line a muffin pan with 12 (or 24) silicone muffin liners. Spray each liner with olive oil spray to avoid batter from sticking.
3. In a large bowl, combine the almond flour, Splenda, and baking powder. Mix all the ingredients together.
4. Add in the melted coconut oil, almond milk, eggs, and vanilla extract.
5. Carefully fold in the blueberries with a spatula.
6. Distribute the batter evenly among the muffin cups. Bake on the center rack for 20-25 minutes, until the top is golden. Insert a fork into the muffin until it comes out clean.


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