I am more than just your nutrition coach & personal fitness trainer.

I am your cheerleader and your biggest fan.



Rachael D.

If you’re ready for change, I’d suggest Melody 110%. 

With her it’s about changing your life, not just what is on the scale. You are more than that, I am more than that – and that has been the most life changing part of this all. 

23 days. 23 days is all it’s taken for me to be able to alter my relationship with food. 23 days to change my mindset. 23 days of encouragement from Melody, who is like my own personal cheerleader. 

No matter the time, or day, she is there. This has been a lesson in patience, in understanding, in forgiveness, and in love. 

All facilitated by the positivity and faith Melody has in me as a client. Just remember to trust her, you are paying an expert for a reason. It’s going to make you uncomfortable, it’s going to take hard work, but if you are willing to do the work and step out of your comfort zone, you will see changes, and it will be the best thing you do for yourself. I can’t say enough about Melody and this experience. 

All I know is that I still have a few months left in my journey with her, and I can’t wait to see what happens. This isn’t an experience to lose weight fast, it’s one to change my life, and it’s been the best journey yet.”


Marina M.

“Making dietary changes isn’t easy. Melody strived to help me understand how to make my calorie intake work for me so that I could lose weight, become healthier, and not feel like I was starving. 

At first, it wasn’t easy to trust the process because she advocated snacking and eating more calories than I believed were necessary. I eventually decided to defer to her expertise and taking her advice has been instrumental to my success. I’ve lost 72 pounds and I’ve made changes for life. 

Thank you, Melody, your work has literally saved my life.”


Gloria M.

“I am extremely grateful for Melody’s guidance, knowledge, enthusiasm, but most importantly: her encouragement & commitment to making MY journey into a healthier lifestyle possible. 

From our very first meeting, she was so positive & explained how despite having some injuries, I could still modify my exercise & eating habits so that I could lose weight. And you know what…I DID!! 

Every time we’d meet, she always had an article or a list of foods that were essential to my plan. And, she explained how making even the smallest of changes or taking the smallest of steps, I could make bigger strides. Her words of encouragement were even more helpful when I’d “slip” & had something that wasn’t part of my plan. Instead of giving me a hard time, she’d say: “let’s learn from this & see how we can avoid this kind of situation in the future so that we make better choices.” 

It was this kind of positive thinking & reassurance that helped me change my attitude about food. I loved how she explained the difference in plant-based vs. animal-based protein; or saturated vs. unsaturated fat, etc. and how our bodies process the foods we eat. I love that she was knowledgeable about different cultures. 

Being Hispanic, there are some things that I refuse to give up: the tortilla is the essence of the taco. Period. And, she said that was totally ok; I could have my tortilla & eat it too. I will definitely come back for a few more sessions. 

I KNOW that I wouldn’t be where I am today without her help. She has a huge heart and is so down to earth that it’s impossible not to feed off her energy. This journey of mine has changed the way I see food & how I see myself. I will always remember what she told me in our first meeting: expect things to change, don’t expect miracles.

 From the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!”


Preston D.

“Melody’s guidance while grocery shopping made a huge difference in my lifestyle. 

After just one time I have a better understanding of what I should be eating. She showed me ingredients to stay away from and healthy alternatives that keep things simple and don’t break the bank! I feel better, look healthier, have more energy, and am more productive. Thanks Melody!”

Justin C.

“Melody has a superior ability to empower people and coaches with the latest research on nutrition ranging from helping special populations (such as diabetics and those at high risk for health issues) to athletes performing at the elite level. 

As a longtime personal trainer and olympic weightlifting coach, Melody has helped me empower my clients on the nutrition pillar of health to which I will always be grateful. 

She is an amazing person who has worked closely with coaches to transform and improve lives of hundreds of people. 

She is truly dedicated to health and your success with great empathy and understanding.”


Ethel S.

“I had the pleasure of working with Melody Sayers through UCLA’s WorkStrong Program.

 Initially, I was not very open to meeting with a registered dietitian because I did not believe anyone would be able to truly relate to my needs and help me. However, Melody changed my opinion during our first meeting with her warmth, knowledge, and remarkable ability to simplify the entire process. 

She was very forthcoming in what to expect and gain from the program and asked essential questions about my goals, eating habits, food preferences to ensure each session was meaningful. 

Early on in the program, I was not in the best mental space to actively partake and truly benefit from this amazing program. 

Melody’s intuitive nature sensed it, and took more time to locate those barriers and facilitate a method to overcome them. It is very apparent that she loves what she does and wants everyone to live their best life. She provided factual information in relation to healthy living and weight loss as well as silenced fad diets that are rarely sustainable over a lifetime. 

I can honestly say that what I loved the most about working with Melody is that she made everything so SIMPLE. I left her sessions understanding how to apply all her wisdom to my life and make it impactful for my family. She taught me that I can eat healthier through better choices without compromising tasty food options. She was not just my dietitian but also a friend. 

I highly recommend Melody Sayers to anyone that wants to change their life with something as basic as a fork and knife.”

Tammy G.

“Melody makes the nutritional classes relative, fun and memorable. 

Her classes include visual props, multiple recipes and handouts and she has interactive exercises that keep us all engaged. Melody shows up positive and energetic to every class and is always checking in with the class to make sure we are absorbing the information (which means to me that she is invested in us and cares). 

I really feel that I am getting quality expert advice in nutrition from someone who is passionate about her field and I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to have her to educate me.”


Angeles S.

“Melody provided me with a great deal of support and valuable information during our sessions. 

I felt from the very beginning her willingness to help me. 

The information she supplied me with has opened up a world of knowledge and an opportunity for healthier life. I am most grateful for her.”


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“Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.”

– Arthur Ashe