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Practice Loving YOUR Body

Much like fruit, bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Not one piece of fruit is superior to the other for they both provide the same exact nutrients. So why can’t we see body image in the same manner?

I am a big advocate of body positivity and learning to love the skin you are in.As both a Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer, I get asked by people all the time to help them “look” a certain way, whether this means looking thinner or being more muscularly defined. However, being more esthetically pleasing to conform with societal standards doesn’t always = healthier.

By fighting to be these “perfect” body types, your mental health may be compromised, you may be eliminating key nutrients from the diet, your labs may be too high or too low, you may be more at risk for getting injured, and your mental health may suffer.

Instead of focusing on trying to be a certain number on the scale or trying to fit into a certain size of clothes, focus on balancing your diet with healthy foods, getting more movement in your day, enjoying foods in moderation, and preventing and managing disease. Celebrate your small wins on the daily, for these will add up later in a major way.

It is better to strive for a realistic body weight with perfect labs, perfect blood pressure, and zero signs of pre-diabetes, rather than be “thinner”, with multiple nutrient deficiencies, hair loss, and a broken bone.

Every BODY is beautiful, but it is up to you to nourish it with tender, love, and care. A healthy outside, starts with a healthy inside.

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